Best Carry on Luggage

Tired of carry on luggage that doesn’t fit everything you need or are too bulky for plane compartments? For those who don’t travel a lot, finding the best carry on luggage can be quite a challenge. It has to be the perfect balance between utility, aesthetics, and longevity. Any avid traveler will tell you that this is an important investment that needs to be taken seriously and mauled over. To help you pick the best carry on luggage for you, here are some tips to help you decide.

The first factor you have to consider is the size. The dimensions of the bag should qualify as a carry on. It varies depending on the airline but some would inspect the measurements as early as check in, while others are a bit laxer. As long as your luggage fits the compartment, you’re good. Regardless, it’s best to do some research prior as to what the airline company you typically travel with allows or pick a bag that will fit with most standard measurements. The downside of not researching or picking the right-sized bag is that you may have to pay extra fees to check in your luggage.

After figuring out the best external measurements to go with, choose the luggage that fits the most. There are deceiving bags that seemingly look spacious, but in reality, the structure is too bulky inside. In some cases, the compartments are lacking, so you can’t organize the contents to fit more. The best carry on luggage will have efficiently placed compartments and expandable pockets. This allows you to utilize the every space of the bag and to still have a bit more room in case you decide to take home some souvenirs from your travel.

Another factor to consider is mobility. The premise why most people travel with carry on is comfort. Imagine the typical airport scenario where a tourist is carrying mounts of luggage, barely able to move. If you have an easy to carry or transport luggage, then this won’t be a problem. Apart from walking around the airport, consider how much you’ll be walking during your travel as well. How far is the airport from where you’ll be staying? Will you be walking on paved roads or on cobblestones? This is important to think about because dragging around rolling bags across them is not only cumbersome, it could also ruin the bag.

This may already be obvious, but there are some who think they can get away with a poorly-made carry on luggage. After all, who’s going to notice what it’s made or its materials? Choosing a good quality carry on is not just about aesthetics, though most would think the look is important too. The pressing issue to address there is durability and weight. The best carry on luggage addresses both. There are materials, especially cheaper ones, which are not made to endure long travels. They don’t respond well to moisture or scuff easily. Some materials also contribute too much weight to the luggage that it constricts that amount of things you can still put in.The last consideration is cost. Are you willing to invest and spend a bit more or are you looking for the cheapest one that gets you from point A to point B? Regardless, you can peg your budget anywhere from the cheapest to the most expensive. What’s important is that you find the best carry on luggage that fits your needs.