A Beginner’s Guide To Various Types Of Golf Equipment

At present every professional golfer is in the habit of using various types of golf equipment. As a matter of fact, they are required to carry lots of accessories while playing in a competition. The essential golf equipment consists of clubs, balls, bags, rangefinders and so on. In the subsequent paragraphs, we’re going to mention the different types of golf equipment which are being used nowadays.

Types of Golf Equipment


Probably the most important golf equipment happens to be the golf ball which has been designed to perform a specific function during a game. These balls have been specially manufactured keeping in mind different aspects of the game. A golf ball needs to cover a large distance after the player hits it using a club. According to the rules, the weight of the ball cannot be more than 45.93 grams.


Different clubs will be required by a professional player during different stages of the game. It is not possible for one particular club to hit all the shots since the distance is going to get shorter with every single hit. Consequently, you’ll come across various types of golf clubs on the market.

golf club

According to the majority of the golfers, the most important shot during any game will be the tee shot. Being used as the preliminary shot, a tee is actually an object that is immersed into the ground with a ball placed on it. Although its main purpose will be to facilitate the player, it is only used as the initial shot.


Right now a lot of innovative things are going on when it comes to golf bags. Different varieties of bags are available on the market at present ranging from nylon to leather and even canvas. It is possible to differentiate these bags into various categories according to the type of material from which they are constructed. A golf bag usually comes with lots of pockets which will help to store balls as well as tees used by the golfer.


A rangefinder is an absolute necessity during any particular professional golf game. It will help the player immensely by enhancing his or her hitting accuracy since it will provide him with an exact estimate of the distance to the hitting target. These days, there are quite a few popular brands manufacturing some innovative rangefinders and one must make adequate research before going for one.

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If you’d like review on golf equipment, it will be a smart idea to surf the Internet where you will find a plethora of information on the relevant topic. However, going through this above-mentioned article will also help you immensely in case you happen to be a beginner golfer.